Pasta Linguine

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Sicilian hard wheat pasta, bronze drawn with slow drying.

Ingredients: Hard wheat semolina, water

Cook time: 6/8 minutes



Artisan Pastificio Piazza

The Piazza Pastificio production is aimed at the demanding consumer who demands a quality product with optimal nutritional and organoleptic characteristics.

To ensure high nutritional quality in the product range, we select wheat of exclusive Sicilian cultivation, searching among the high-end producers that meet the most noble production costs.

In order to ensure the intact conservation of semen properties we do not use storage silos.

The fresh groats of grinding, obtained from the first grinding mill, are poured into a bag sack in the hopper, this procedure allows us to control the quality of the raw material fist after fist.

The formation of the dough (semolina and water) takes place slowly in a cold vacuum tank.

The dough kept at a low temperature to avoid being stressed, passes through bronze, giving the pasta, even the smooth, the color and the roughness, which allows for sauces and seasoning.

The short pasta is placed on wooden frames, while the long (spaghetti and linguine) sizes on the canes.

Next, then the drying, which occurs in static cells temperature drops.

It is at this stage that the new SLOW production process makes the difference.

The desired slowness of drying guarantees the complete and uniform evaporation of water from the paste, preventing starch hardening and subsequent crystallization of the outside.

Our average temperature is around 40 ° and Solid Sicilian Wheat Pasta, drawn to slow-drying bronze in static cells, allows us to obtain an excellent product that, together with a fairly thick, preserves proteins, starch, flavor and smell of freshly ground wheat, giving our pasta an added value.

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