Salted Cheese

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Salted Cheese 

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Obtained from the whey that remains from the processing of cheeses, Ricotta Salata is the result of a tasty balance given by the perfect union of the typical taste of ricotta with salt.

In fact, neither one of them tastes more than the other.

The freshness of the ricotta remains intact, supported and not obscured by the presence of more salt than the traditional product.

Born from the need to preserve the otherwise perishable fresh product, the term "ricotta" derives from the specific production technique that consists in re-enacting the whey with the addition of a quantity of whole milk. Ricotta salata becomes part of right among the most important ingredients of Sicilian cuisine.

An example is the pasta to the norm, whose authentic recipe includes a tasty tomato sauce enriched with fried eggplant slices and a generous handful of ricotta salata.La Ricotta Salata goes perfectly with the red wines typical of the Sicilian land. The Cerasuolo di Vittoria and the Etna Rosso are particularly suitable to appreciate Ricotta Salata at its best.

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